Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hadlakat Hanerot: Lighting the Sabbath Candles

Working with the copper color and the natural contrast between metallic and opaque paint was something I wanted to pursue  artistically. My mind turned to two occasions and their blessings that also contrast...the beginning of Shabbat and the end. My next two paintings would explore Hadlakat HaNerot and Havdallah. These times when we switch between the Holy and the profane.

Tackling the lighting of the candles for Shabbat first, the concept was to make the contrast visible in form...I wanted the viewer to see the two worlds juxtaposed.  The flames of the Shabbat candles transcend the physical (blue) globe and wend their way into the spiritual, (metallic) realm.  The orange flames blend into the red that represents G-d's presence

Lighting candles heralds the beginning of the Sabbath and is one of three commandments specific to women, symbolically shown by the three turquoise orbs.  In keeping with the feminine directive of this prayer, a platinum orb floats overhead, representing the Shechina, the feminine aspect of G-d. In the original, this orb is crafted from handmade paper with an embossed pattern.  This mixed media painting also heavily relies on air brush inks to block in the initial design as well as acrylic paints.

I chose to use a ruby red copper as well, to intensify G-d's presence when we keep this commandment. The Sabbath is not just a day of rest.  We are sanctified when this commandment, one of the ten, is honored and kept.

As it turns out, the message and the image became the blessing I chose to represent the entire series.  It is the cover of my books.  Not only was I pleased with the end result of my process, I felt the message was clear.

This image and most others are available as fine art cards, printed on matching metallic card stock. Each card has a metallic envelope and clear sleeve. The text is printed on the back.
Variety packs of cards are available as are discounts to members of the clergy and those affiliated with Jewish organizations.  Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic.
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Next up...Havdallah.

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