Friday, September 2, 2016

A much needed break from blogging to painting!

If anyone would have told me that someday I'd be spending more time at the computer than at the easel, I would have had a good laugh.
As our world changes (in some good ways and some bad ways ) so does the business of art.
Back in the day, I painted all day while galleries represented me, marketed me and sold my paintings.
In today's world, much more time is spent marketing on the internet, yet my sphere of exposure has multiplied immeasurably.
With this series of Judaic paintings, I sensed for the first time, a real need to spread these messages far and wide.  Never before had I even printed my work.

This week I have completed the 24th painting of this series.  It has taken quite a while for me to decide which prayer to choose.  Personal circumstances kept leading me back to healing prayers but the Misheberach was no longer enough.
It's an odd thing about illness....those who rarely pray, find the words, find the feelings, find the intention.  How glorious it would be if that intention, that kavanah, was readily available to us at all times of prayer...when we offer up thanks and show our gratitude to Adonai.
When we were children we tried to make deals with G-d , trading off 2 days of being nice to a little sister if only we could pass a test for which we hadn't studied. But we are now adults and our relationship with G-d is no longer the same.  The pediatric version of our relationship no longer works.We are in partnership with G-d.  He needs to hear our authentic intentions.
I went back to ancient Biblical text and chose the 5 word plea of Moses, asking G-d to heal his sister, Miriam in the book of Bamidbar. "El na refa na la."
In 5 short words, staccato by nature, Moses' urgency is conveyed....a simple, yet direct message to G-d to please heal Miriam. The second 'please' highlights the need for immediate attention.

I did more than an average amount of research for this painting.  Much more symbolism was available than I had room for in the painting or in the accompanying text.
Suffice to say that gematria plays an important role in my interpretation.  Numbers help us make much bigger connections to a simple verse.  Digging deeper into those connections, helps us understand some of the true power of these five words.
The next blog post will detail the whys and wherefores of this 24th painting....stay tuned!
The rest of the Judaic series can be found at:  Judaic Paintings
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